Child Opening Gifts
Giving To Those In Need
Goss Family Charitable Fund Supports Families & Organizations When They Need It Most
Giving Blankets
Helping the Community Directly
Goss Family Charitable Fund Regularly Finds Ways To Help Individuals Directly
Surprise Letter
Positively Impacting Lives
Goss Family Charitable Fund Believes Dreams Don't Have To Stay Dreams
Inspiring Self-Belief & Confidence
Goss Family Charitable Fund Inspires Individuals To Believe In Themselves To Reach Their Goals
Healing Child
Spreading Hope In Dark Places
Goss Family Charitable Fund Aims To Spread Hope When It Seems Hope Is Hard To Come By
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Who We Help

Inspiration is contagious. We help spread it.

We meet three times per year as a team to discuss the needs of organizations we wish to support. Then, once we have decided which organizations we would like to assist, we contact those organizations to see how we might be able to support them. We sincerely try to find ways to help these organizations grow, whether that involves financial donations or volunteer hours or the overall strategy of finding ways to assist these organizations as they grow.

501(c)(3) Non Profits
Churches & Religious Organizations
Direct Help

Let Us Know How We Can Help!

Have a suggestion? Need a donation or funding? We’d love to hear your ideas! 

    Our Founders

    Leave your mark on the world. I’ve asked myself many times, “What will my legacy be?” and “What mark will I leave?” Our family has been blessed with a fruitful life that would have not been possible without help from others. This is our way to not only give back, but to help others prosper. We don’t just give to those in need in our local community, we spread hope and inspire people to believe so they can give back to themselves and others as well. The Goss Family Charitable Fund has one goal: To leave our mark on the world in a positive way.

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